Gates Counseling

Life positive coaching for all alternative lifestyle choices.

You’d Appreciate a Constructive, Helpful Discussion? Call me.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to talk to someone who is knowledgeable and accepting of your alternative life choices?  As a counselor, coach, and mentor, I can support your Life Transitions, Planning, Dating/Romance, and Counseling Needs:

  • TRANSITIONS: Affirming coaching or counseling that will show you how to be as resilient as need be.  I can help you to find your stable footing again.  Or, as you make a major change in your life proper support will help you to soar.
  • PLANNING: Project design and planning to meet your personal goals.  I have many years of experience in organizational consultation.
  • DATING/ROMANCE: Discover what you really need for attracting love and romance in your life.  Learn about and consider alternative options for being true to yourself.  Self-discovery will build your unique road to personal happiness.  I specialize in the support of structured relationships.  Ask me to consult on your personal desires and how to attain them.
  • COUPLES COUNSELING:  Structured hierarchical relationships are my specialty.  Discover how structure can support sustainable loving families.  Couples who work with me discover their best selves.  They find their answers AND a rhythm with each other that will sustain them.  They come to recognize their strengths, work together to make creative plans, and experience great joy in their successes.

CALL me.  Email me.  Make an appointment.  FREE First one hour session.

Payment:  Sliding scale.  Talk to me.


Call:  413-475-3694.



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This entry was posted on February 9, 2014 by in Counseling.
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