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Unequal Partnership is a non-egalitarian relationship theory that I developed over the last six years. It has a lot to offer like pursuit of personal happiness as a couple’s goal for being together. Unequal Partners know that they want partnership. Unequal couples set up a deliberate, consensual power imbalance in the relationship to bring them mutual respect, relationship sustainability, high values, continuous support for individual growth. Unequal Partnership’s strong foundation supports love and romance. Unequal Partners take on the Boyfriend/girlfriend/love-is-enough scenario as seen in the movies, the romance novels, and everywhere. This is the first in a three book series about Unequal Partnership. It focuses on dating if what you want in the end is the happiness that a non-egalitarian relationship can bring.

From the Introduction:  “Last, let me say that even if you are reading this book just because you are curious and you discover that Unequal Partnership isn’t for you then I promise you that still your time will have been well spent.  Ultimately, this is a book about building a healthy, sustainable, committed loving relationship and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that.”   READ MORE.



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