Class Parenting: Parenting Empowerment Summit

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May 3, 2018
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June 17, 2018
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Class Parenting: Parenting Empowerment Summit

This summit is about parental empowerment or class parenting.  June 17-23, 2018.  This is all free.  THANKS EVERYONE FOR ATTENDING THIS HIGHLY PRAISED ONLINE 2018 SUMMIT.

I and other presenters are providing the best information on

essential oils,

mindful motivation,

craniosacral therapy,

the power of eight,

healing sounds,

EFT or Tapping,

child development:  gender identity or alternative sexualities,

and much more.

class parenting empowerment summit

June 17-23, 2018

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Parenting Empowerment Summit


Class Parenting: Parent Empowerment Summit:

Here’s an excerpt from the summit’s website:

Parenting is the most rewarding as well as the most challenging endeavor on this planet.

Ask any parent: one minute, they smile at their peaceful, sleepy baby; the next moment, they are ready to jump out of a window (or throw their kid out), rip their hair out after endless sleepless nights or when facing a rebellious toddler or a teenager turned alien.

This modern western world is unlike any that preceded us. We are all facing challenges unheard of before:

  • The addition of chemicals to our food supply
  • A society addicted to sugar and fast foods
  • The stress of needing two salaries to make ends meet
  • Body Image & Identity Issues
  • The influence of the information age
  • Facing Judgement, Shame & Blame from Others
  • Social-Media & Cyber-Bullying
  • The out-of-control violence and pornography
  • The break-down of the nuclear family
  • The loss of connection with each other and nature
  • Anxiety, Fear & Doubt​
  • The Pollution in our Air & Water

Nobody is born a parent. Therefore nobody has the perfect solution. Parenting is an education “in vivo.” Wisdom from professionals and parents who have years of experience can, however, be invaluable. This is what this summit is about: offering information, inspiration, and encouragement.

In this summit, you will find:

1. Information from professionals, empowering you to take care of yourself and your family.
2. Inspiration from parents who have “been there, done that”
3. Encouragement to trust your intuition which will guide your every step
4. Actionable Steps you can start today!
5. And FREEBIES to guide you through this journey called Parenting!”


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