Aisha-Sky Gates

Cultural Anthropology, B.A., Organizational Development, M.A., University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

I have over 20 years of experience:

  • Alternative lifestyle counseling
  • Relationship coach
  • Author
  • Public speaker
  • Life coach
  • Meeting facilitator
  • Organizational development consultant

I offer tremendous experience, deep intuition, and a gentle touch. I am kind and loving. Because I cultivate balance and peace through daily meditative practices, you will find that I can hear you in extraordinary ways. I’ll help you to see yourself more clearly. Starting with discussion, I have a wide range of tools and talents to put into service for you.

My Affiliations:

International Network of Psychotherapeutic Practice

Organizational Development Network

Western Mass Coaching Association

American Counseling Association

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

As a little girl I dreamed of becoming an international businesswoman, jetting from continent to continent. My sisters and I would drape a sheet over kitchen chairs. We’d hold our dolls and our teddy bears in our arms and sit in our pretend airplane. We put a lot of miles in from England to Singapore to Brisbane, Lagos, to New York, and all over the United States. I used my imagination to design rooms and situations for my dolls. As a teenager, I felt strongly about becoming an anthropologist. I had seen Margaret Mead on PBS and knew that was the road for me. In essence, I felt driven to teach, to heal, to unravel human problems, to join others in finding solutions and implementing them. Serving others is a core need of mine.

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