Individual Coaching or Counseling

Individuals are welcome here for life coaching OR for alternative lifestyle counseling. 


Yes, you’re right that I am a relationship coach.  I see a lot of couples and poly partners.  However, I am also a counselor with a specialty of alternative lifestylesFor individuals I can help with the specific alternative choices in your life.  I enjoy counseling.  You can count on me to join you wherever you are.

If you need me to advise on relationship matters though, I’m here.  Relationship coaching can positively impact individuals’s life if you’re willing to engage with me.  Let’s talk.

If you need me to do counseling, I promise life-positive counseling, which means that you do not need to be in crisis or even have a problem or issue to contact me.  There are other benefits to counseling besides problem solving and crisis resolving.  You might want a knowledge rich and very sensitive conversation.  Sometimes such a conversation can aid your own thinking.



Improving time-management and prioritization skills.

Developing consistency and avoiding paralysis/avoidance when overwhelmed.

Get more value from the use of resources that you already have.

Scheduling, planning,

History (HERstory) recording,

Accountability buddy,

Encouragement and empathy,

Research, and



I also offer organizational development skills such as mediation, project planning, problem-solving, time management, and project assessment.

I have done mediation on a variety of situations. I’ve written guidelines for an organization’s mediation efforts. I teach and practice non-violence community dialogue techniques.

Project planning can be a lot of fun. It never grows old for me. Bring me what you have. I love team building and working with team dynamics.

Problem-solving is a subject that I have gotten the chance to teach over this past year for couples and for individuals. I have many techniques that are heart-based instead of head-first and always. It makes a big difference.

Time management is one of those less sexy areas of human life. But the way that I teach time management it is not a pain. It’s just made simple so that you can pick it up and go on with life, smoother and better.

Project assessment is a skill I learned over many years of working with social justice nonprofits. For you, I can offer my ability to work with teams, my advice if you ask me to weigh in, and report writing on my findings.

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