Female Empowerment

I believe in women as leaders; it is our natural state and it is our heritage. But what the world rewards and corporations advertise for is a woman leader who can increase revenue, push profit growth, and inspire employees toward more productivity.  The modern world is so obviously interested in our abilities and talents that can be applied to more profits, more corporate gain, and the creation of more commodities that the world may or may not even need.

By contrast, I am more interested in women as leaders in the personal or family realm.  My reason is that I believe that a woman deserves to have strong support in her life from friends, family (biological or acquired), and life partners.  I believe that a strong personal foundation supports whatever a woman wants to do in the world.  I think that each of us deserves to have a rich and happy personal life that genuinely supports how we choose to express ourselves.  Doesn’t matter whether we choose to have a single life partner or several or none at all.  We deserve to be happy. 

Here is where I am a different kind of coach and counselor:  I know for sure that every woman can act as a leader in her personal life comparable to the role that she plays in public.  There is a lot to gain if she does.  Giving guidance at home can look like leading family members in developing shared family goals. Your leadership can contribute a vision of who the family is and what they want to become.  Leadership at home can set the wheels in motion for creating a new plan for how you, all, will move forward.  You, the woman, can lead.  A family that has direction is a happier family.  Among other things, you, the woman, will gain more support for you and your needs.  Learn more at my Elevate Womxn Collaborative.

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We do not have to accept just wherever our family’s cultural winds took us.  For instance, I became a mother at a younger age than I would have liked.  At the time I believed that I did not have choices.  I did not understand that my life was my own.    

As a counselor and as a coach I assist women to reclaim what is theirs.  They can have life in ways that gloriously express who they really are.  I often witness women who are big achievers in their professional lives but have personal lives that offer them very little support.  Most women all over the world go to bed at night exhausted.  Women ask, “Why can’t I have it all?”  I say that you may have unwittingly stepped into a life that only asks you to do it all.  But I also say that you can redesign a life so that it treats you as the important soul that you are.  I tell women that by leading their loved ones to build a deliberate, truly consensual family organization everyone benefits.  Some rearranging and some serious leadership at home can help you to have everything that you ever wanted.  Read more at my Elevate Womxn Collaborative.

I am focused on the empowerment of women:  My thoughts about women are higher and grander than how they can contribute to somebody’s profit margins, even their own.  Yes, indeed, we are amazing in business.  We are very able and creative and innovative.  Doesn’t everyone know that?  Women are heads of state.  Women are engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, and corporate executives.  Women are organizers and business owners.  We make sure that the churches and the school buses run efficiently.  That’s not news.  Women do all that and more to make the world turn and still go home at night and start a second or third job of feeding the children, cleaning up and picking up, and doing laundry.  Our prowess has been held down for so long that even with all of our present day advances we still have not released and expressed all of our power.  I want to see us truly free in the world.  I want to see all women thrilled with life and feeling joyous.  Read more and do more at my Elevate Womxn Collaborative.

women power symbol

How are you feeling right now?

Joyous, blissful

Crazy happy


Pleased, contented

Fair; I’m good, not stressed

Okay,not too stressed

Just okay

Or, less than what I had imagined my life would be but I can recover and I will rise.

I teach leadership skills but not in the corporate mode.  I teach:

–positive thinking and self-confidence as a 24-hour way of being,

–how to negotiate in one’s personal life,

–organizational development applied to the family household,

–spiritual renewal that you can reach for at any time,

–personal growth the way you need it to be.

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Investing in women is investing in the people who invest in everyone else.

—Melinda Gates

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You have a right to personal happiness.