Intimate relationships do best when built on a solid foundation.  You have probably heard this before somewhere along the way.  Its meaning, I urge you, is important to take to heart, to mind, and to spirit.  Let’s try this.  Foundation refers to relationship fundamentals.  These are the structural elements that will hold your relationship very much like bones give structure to the human body.  Think about what essentials that you would tell your younger sister to look for in an intimate relationship if she wants healthy, happy sustainability.  Intimate relationship coaching or counseling cannot only help you to resolve problems but also give you benefits toward developing a healthy, engaging relationship.

Working with a relationship coach or a couples counselor can be an amazing experience.  You might choose to have this kind of support whenever you have questions or simply want helpful discussions that would aid your own thinking.

Allow me to help.  I want you to have

  • excellent communication,
  • a high level of trust,
  • negotiation as normal process in your relationship,
  • goal setting for the relationship,
  • and a sense of purpose and direction beyond the feel-good feelings of first love and dating.

By doing this work together you will have your negotiated agreements as the bones in your relationship.  Your agreements are crucial backbone support as you engage in your day-to-day decision making.  This makes life so much easier.  Who wants to go through life making decisions based only on the pressing needs of that moment instead of based on your shared principles and negotiated agreements?

New and well-established couples can use this short and not comprehensive list as their checklist.  It’s more than okay to seek mentorship or guidance from a counselor as you discover that some aspect of your relationship could use a little care.   Add your own must-haves to the list.

Aisha-Sky Gates

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Are there spaces in your life where you can rest, relax, and renew your energy?

Relationships in a wide array of configurations are my business.  I am excited each time that I encounter yet another way of living that might not have a traditional label.

New and experienced couples, individuals, and poly households can benefit from learning how to negotiate with their partners.

Relationship contracts are a good idea.

I attracted males and then female partners into my life who only wanted to harm me, disrespect me, and control me until I learned not to do so.  When I gained true focus on love and respect for myself I looked up and there was my true life partner.  My partner has only been kind, loving, and genuinely supportive of me for more than ten years.

The wrong person makes you beg for attention, affection, love and commitment.  The right person gives you these things because they love you.

–The LoveBits

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