Alternative Lifestyles

“Alternative lifestyles” is an umbrella term for ways of living that might not be considered commonplace or traditional but best suit the individuals involved.  Personal happiness is what matters.

I am an alternative lifestyle counselor.  I do counseling for all of your alternative life choices.

I have spent the last fifteen years listening to hetero-normative couples, same sex couples, triads and quads, and unequal (power exchange) bond mates.

I have spent just as long in the LGBTQ communities.

My activism includes advocating for positive masculinity, supporting immigrant families, supporting domestic violence victims, and advocating for the protection of children.

Relationships in a wide array of configurations are my special area of interest.  Individual counseling is, too.  I am excited to encounter more ways of living that might not have a traditional label.

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All alternative life choices are welcome here. I am knowledgeable and well-studied but also well-experienced. I am not someone who stands outside of your lifestyle looking in.

What matters to me is your personal happiness. “Alternative” implies that you have taken steps to ensure your own personal happiness. That’s great. You understand that there is no issue of traditional versus alternative. No need to waste time or effort there. Instead, personal effort is rewarding whenever you choose what works for you.  Counseling is one form of support for what you are designing in your life.

I have my own personal journey of unwrapping the hold my family and my cultural has had on my adult life choices. Nothing that I can think of in my past encouraged me to elevate my needs. I was never asked how I felt in any situation. During tough circumstances the adults around me were willing to stay silent rather than be confrontational or be targeted for not fitting in. It took many years plus a lot of work to clear the debris of the past. By doing so I was able to design a beautiful life just the way I wanted it. Of course, I continue to make new healthy choices based on what works best to bring me happiness. I can ask myself the questions that I never heard during childhood:

How do I feel?

What do I want?

What’s important to me?


How about you? Once you began with those kind of baseline questions what wish list did you derive? Or, if you are already living your dream what new questions do you have? How can I help?

Remember, “alternative” means whatever you want it to mean. You can have what you really want. You can design for your needs.

My passion is giving counseling support for my client’s out-of-the usual-box life choices. I’ve helped single individuals, same sex and hetero couples, and polyamorous partners.

I know firsthand poly questions, poly issues, and poly successes. I love the infinite number of poly configurations for poly happiness. Did you remember to ask your prospective partner how they define poly? You want to compare how each of you practices polyamory. Check for compatibility.


Swinger couples can ask me to help with negotiation in order to set agreements that cover all needs. Swinging is the core element in your couple culture. You can have what you want and be happy.


LGBTQ PRIDE is the norm where I live. Ask me about my own interesting journey.


Power Exchange?  Unequal Partnership?  Yes!  It’s my specialty, of course. See my books and other writings. If you’re not sure of how to begin negotiations with a partner you are newly excited about then ask me. I will congratulate you on writing your first relationship contract. Will you do regular check ins so that you know for sure that your partner is happy? Check ins are an important part of relationship maintenance. Besides, it’s such a loving act that feels terrific.


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