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Everyone is welcome:  individuals, couples, poly families, sex-positive and kink communities, swinger communities, LGBTQ, transgender, and every kind of non-traditional couple and non-traditional family are welcome.  What are your alternative life choices?  I might surprise you with the extent of my experience.  My coaching and my counseling are life-positive and accepting.

I specialize in showing couples or poly households how structure in an intimate relationship can be richly supportive.

Life Positive Counseling:  You do not need to have trouble in your life to contact me. Contact me because you would appreciate having a responsible and friendly counselor to talk to about your plans or about your thoughts and feelings. You can also read my blog and ask questions in the comments section.

Payment:  Fees are listed on Book an Appointment page.  Creative sliding scale; talk to me.  First 50 minutes are free.

Your first visit is free; let’s see if we’re a good match.  BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

My experience and knowledge can benefit you in these areas:

Spiritual journey:  spiritual seekers welcome


Conflict resolution and mediation

Career exploration or career remakes

Personal growth or self-esteem building

Life transitions and life planning

Project planning

Stress management

Pre-marriage or  commitment counseling

Marriage or committed relationship counseling

Negotiating relationship contracts

Alternative living situations

Dating and romance pursuit

Power exchange relationships or non-egalitarian relationships

Last but not least my book, ‘Unequal Partnership: a dating guide for loving non-egalitarian relationships’ can also help you in many of the above areas.

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Read about my book, Unequal Partnership:  a dating guide for loving non-egalitarian relationships.  Discover excellent relationship advice, read about how to create relationship contracts, and how to negotiate in your personal life.  Discover intuitive strategies for developing relationship bliss.  Read about creating solid relationship structure for the purpose of long-term sustainability.  Determine how alternative lifestyle choices can give you the relationship stability that you’ve been seeking.