10 Wonderful Creative Romantic Ideas

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May 3, 2018
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10 Wonderful Creative Romantic Ideas


Creative Romantic Ideas

If you want to keep the romance meter bouncing in the high numbers then be creative and PAY ATTENTION. No, really. Pay attention to the following wonderful romantic inspiration ideas:

  1. What is most important to your mate,
  2. Their interests,
  3. Ways to soothe your partner when things aren’t so wonderful,
  4. Maintaining frequent physical contact,
  5. Perpetuating the mystery and adventure in your relationship.


Once you understand the fundamentals then it’s time for Romantic Inspirations. These inspiration ideas are in fact suggestions for how to show your mate that you are paying attention. You will want to make this kind of thinking and doing your norm. These creative romantic ideas will lead you toward your own romantic inspiration:

Surprise or mystery:

Teach something new. I am always open to learning from my partner. I believe that being the interesting person that I am that I usually have something new that I can offer, as well.

Creative romantic gift ideas:

Be aware of what’s most important to her: arrange to purchase a t-shirt with something amazing that she said printed on it.


Sing! Hum! Make some sound. You do not have to be a professional performer. What you have to be is comforting.


Remind the two of you of a past Partnering Success moment: “How We Amused Ourselves After We Got Home from the Museum that Day” or “Remember How Well We Thought Our Way Through that Tough Family Situation. We Can Handle This, Too.”


Really. Just touch any chance you get. Or, maybe, learn and apply sensual massage.


Cartoon or doodle or even create an elaborate drawing if your talents run that way. Tuck a little sketch in her lunch bag.


Teach yourself a simple magic trick to perform for your mate. I taught myself two.

Surprise or mystery:

Pack a picnic basket. Pack it with simple goodies that you made yourself. Let your partner unpack it and be surprised. Great tastes will equal more beautiful surprises. I’ve been known to pack silverware and cloth napkins plus children’s birthday party paper plates, just to be different.

Be aware of his interests:

Create a brief project together. Choose something that creates a product such as a scrapbook or a pop up book or a music playlist or a main dish.

Magic Words:

Train yourself to use words that suggest deep emotional connection such as love as a noun, beloved, spirit, eternal, passion, passionate, please, and thank you.

Star gazing:

Take a blanket plus a star map and, maybe, jackets.


Remind each other to start each day with thoughts and feelings of gratitude. At bedtime, take a minute to remember all that you have to be grateful for. With daily practice each of you will be offering your partner the love and peace that feelings of gratitude inspire.


Now that you have read these wonderful ideas take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself doing something with your loved one that raises your romantic energy level. Notice how much lighter and happier you feel. See yourself in this moment and everyday as the romantic that you truly are.


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